Indoors at The Wild Center you can spend hours exploring.  There are many fascinating things to do and see.

Climate Solutions

A new exhibit that explores the encouraging stories of people from across different backgrounds, generations and sectors who are building a web of climate solutions in their lives and communities.

touch a cloud on an alpine summit


In the Hall of the Adirondacks, you can spend time with a myriad fish, turtles, and other animal and plant species, and get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the inner workings of nature in this unique region.


Off the Hall of the Adirondacks, this large sunlit room overlooks the pond. It’s filled with drawers and boxes that are there for the opening. Plenty of seats and tables.

owl encounter in The Great Hall


Every day our naturalists introduce guests to animal ambassadors in special animal encounters.  Great for all ages, these close-up sessions feature porcupines, owls, snakes and many other fascinating species.


Planet Adirondack

Watch the Earth come to life in Planet Adirondack, an amazing display that will help you see the world with new eyes.


Flammer Theater

Every day there are feature films in the Flammer Theater.