APRIL 8TH, 2024


a part of Totality in Tupper


A One of a Kind Experience for a Once in a Lifetime Event

On April 8, 2024,The Wild Center will be directly in the path of totality for a Total Solar Eclipse. This is not only an amazing sight but a rare occurrence. In fact, it will be the first time the Adirondacks have ever been in the direct path of totality, and after 2024 the United States will not see another total solar eclipse for over 20 years.

To celebrate, The Wild Center will open it's doors and 115-acre outdoor campus from 10am to 5pm beginning Friday, April 5 through Monday, April 8 for a weekend of solar and eclipse themed activities.
  • What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

    A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the new Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and totally blocks out the Sun.

One of a kind experiences for a once in a lifetime event

Totality Experiences Include:

  • Free solar viewing glasses
  • Solar-powered silent disco with live DJ
  • Opportunities to get commemorative eclipse tattoos from hand poke tattoo artist Jane Romm from Plain Jane Tattoos
  • New immersive and interactive eclipse-inspired musical experiences from Whatever Penny
  • Make your own pinhole viewers 
  • Oversized Solar viewing glasses
  • Special programming in Planet Adirondack
  • Live creature features that focus on how the Sun affects animals lives, circadian rhythms, and yearly behavior
  • Solar-powered maple tastings, tours, tapping demos, special themed foods
  • Food trucks
  • Live community mural creation

The Wildest View in the World

As the moon passes between the earth and the sun, its shadow will darken the sky, plunging large swathes of the United States into sudden twilight, but there's only one place you can see it from an eagle's nest measure 10 feet wide.

Experience this celestial tango first-hand from the award-winning, all-persons experience, Wild Walk. Traverse a trail of bridges to the treetops of the Adirondack forest. Visit a four-story twig tree house, swing on bridges, clamber over a spider’s web or climb to the full-sized bald eagle’s nest at the highest point. Naturalists will be on hand to help answer your questions about all things solar.