Hall of the Adirondacks

In the Hall of the Adirondacks, you can spend time with a myriad fish, turtles, and other animal and plant species, and get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the inner workings of nature in this unique region.

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

This exhibit space celebrates the past, present, and future of the indigenous people who have made their homes in the Adirondacks for thousands of years. Learn about the Thanksgiving Address, words that have guided Haudenosaunee people for thousands of years.

Ways of Knowing

Experience Ways of Knowing: Haudenosaunee Stories and Culture through a series of Storytelling videos that explore traditional narratives and invite us to consider different perspectives of nature and people. Featuring artists and storytellers Dave Fadden and John Fadden from the Six Nations Iroquois Cultural Center, as well as celebrated author, botanist and teacher, Dr. Robin Kimmerer.

More Stories

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions logo
A new exhibit that explores the encouraging stories of people from across different backgrounds, generations and sectors who are building a web of climate solutions in their lives and communities.

Planet Adirondack

visitors view real time data on Planet Adirondack

Watch the Earth come to life in Planet Adirondack, an amazing display that will help you see the world with new eyes.

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