Welcome to our backyard.


Outside you can walk woodland trails, head to the river to canoe with a guide, explore Wild Walk, or discover the magic of the Pines Play Area, a wild playground in the forest where children can connect to their inner Huck Finn. There are 115 acres to explore.
Man in wheelchair pointing out view to accompanying child

Wild Walk

Walk up a trail of bridges to the treetops of the Adirondack forest. Visit a four-story twig tree house, swing on bridges, clamber over a spider’s web or climb to the full-sized bald eagle’s nest at the highest point.
Closeup of "Hopscotch" stickwork by Patrick Dougherty


As children, we use sticks to build forts, play games—where ever our imagination would lead us. Artist Patrick Dougherty has tapped into that nostalgia to create a larger-than-life sculpture that is inspired by childhood and the natural world of the Adirondacks.
Young woman pushing senior citizen in wheelchair along trail


Explore the trails on the 115-acre campus on your own or on one of our guided Naturalist walks.
Group of people in canoes

Canoe Trips

A canoe trip will bring you even closer to the real nature of the Adirondacks.
Child behing Wild Pines tent

The Pines Wild Play Area

The Pines is a chance to play away from a manufactured experience. A tipped up tree, piles of sticks, and log drums all fill a clearing in the woods.

Forest Music

Immerse your senses in an experience that combines nature, technology and art.


Inside The Wild Center explore 54,000-square-feet of exhibit halls, meet one of our many animals at an animal encounter, join us for a live show, or watch one of many amazing films.
Climate Solutions logo

Climate Solutions

A new exhibit that explores the encouraging stories of people from across different backgrounds, generations and sectors who are building a web of climate solutions in their lives and communities.
Children gathered around cloud exhibit


In the Hall of the Adirondacks, you can spend time with a myriad fish, turtles, and other animal and plant species, and get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the inner workings of nature in this unique region.
Group of parents and children observing owl being presented by handler


The Wild Center is home to more than 900 live Adirondack animals – including otters, porcupines, ravens, snakes and fresh-water fish. See them in the indoor Living River Trail or up-close during a live Animal Encounter.
Speaker presenting to audience inside Planetarium

Planet Adirondack

Watch the Earth come to life in Planet Adirondack, an amazing display that will help you see the world with new eyes.
Audience watching documentary in Flammer Theater

Flammer Theater

Every day there are feature films in the Flammer Theater.


Fulfilll the ultimate dream of flying

How do I reserve my visit? Can I purchase tickets when I arrive?

Reserving tickets is not required, but is highly encouraged as it allows visitors to use the expedited check in upon arrival. Tickets can be purchased for specific dates through our online reservation system. Tickets may also be purchased by calling (518) 359-7800.

What about the indoor exhibits and amenities?

Indoor exhibits and amenities are open. Be sure to check out the indoor Living River Trail tour, the expanded Wild Supply Co., or order lunch from the Waterside Cafe. For a list of local dining options, visit the Tupper Lake website.

Do you have EV charging stations?

Yes, The Wild Center has two electric vehicle charging stations located near the Wild Walk kiosk. We also have special, conveniently located parking spots for hybrid and electric vehicles.

How are you keeping visitors safe?

Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the campus. Wild Center staff will also frequently clean and disinfect high traffic areas and restrooms. We also ask that visitors follow one-way directional signage and ground markings which have been installed to help visitors better navigate common areas while practicing physical distancing.

Are the trails ADA accessible?

The paved path leading to Wild Walk, Wild Walk itself, and the gravel path around Greenleaf Pond are ADA accessible. The other trails are open for guests, but are not graded for accessibility.

What about bathrooms?

Indoor bathrooms will remain open and will be sanitized on a regular basis by Wild Center staff. Composting bathrooms are also located on either side of the parking lot.