Wild Walk

Yes, you can take this walk on the wild side.

Wild Walk

When the High Line opened in New York in 2009, it surprised people. Perhaps they felt that from windows and bridges and on movie screens, every angle of the city had been explored. It turned out that a simple change of perspective opened up a brand new way to see New York.

Wild Walk takes visitors up a trail of bridges to the treetops of the Adirondack forest. It’s designed to transform the way we see into the natural world by offering up the perspective of the rest of nature.

For most of us a walk in the woods is a peaceful reverie. Wild Walk certainly has chances to contemplate the infinite web of life that spins around us, but it also has chances to clamber across an unstable surface too, and to balance off the ground and sense a little of the fleeting life of the forest.

At Wild Walk, you can ascend, foot by foot, leaving the view we see most often, and wander into planes you may not have seen since you scraped your younger legs up a tree trunk.

entering The Snag on Wild Walk

Wild Walk’s snag is a giant among the giants, big enough for a stairwell inside, and four stories tall.

2 ladies take a selfie in the eagle's nest on Wild Walk

Look up into a white pine, and with a little luck you’ll see the nests of bald eagles near Wild Walk. This is your chance to climb into one of those nests.

What would it be like to live on a web, hanging on a thread above the forest? The Spider’s Web at Wild Walk is your chance to lay in wait, or walk across a web woven above the ground.

Woman in wheelchair on The WIld Center's Wild Walk.

Wild Walk is accessible to people of all generations and abilities.