Donor Privacy Policy

Donor Privacy, Security and Website Policies for the Wild Center

These policies address our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing donor and website user information. These policies demonstrate The Wild Center’s firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our donors, website users and anyone who has an interaction with The Wild Center.

We will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our website or when you visit The Wild Center, unless you choose to provide such information to us. Providing such information is strictly voluntary. Except for the processing of transactions, which occur over secure connections, we do not share any of your nonpublic personal information with any outside parties.

For this set of privacy policies, the category of “Donor” encompasses anyone making a donation, purchasing a membership, buying an admission ticket, making reservations for a program, or making a purchase in the Museum Store or Cafe – in other words, anyone who has a transaction with The Wild Center, either at the Center itself, on our website, or anywhere that The Wild Center is processing transactions.

Security Protections

We recognize that our donors care deeply that their personal information is kept secure. Our comprehensive standards are intended to help The Wild Center proactively protect your account data—a responsibility we take very seriously.

At The Wild Center, our database system uses a secure login process, and has a robust access control system whereby users are limited to only the database access that they need to complete their specific job responsibilities. For example, the “admissions” role allows a user to handle ticket sales and related tasks such as searching for and adding donor names when creating an order; however, admission staff cannot see the revenue or recognition history for a given donor. Staff authorized to access personal donor information are assigned a unique login ID and those user IDs are deactivated or terminated as needed.

Donations and purchases such as memberships, tickets, programs, events, purchases in the Museum Store or Cafe, as well as transactions made at our website ( are not processed on The Wild Center’s servers. Such transactions are processed by our business partners who use encryption technologies, along with validated compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). Our business partners do not sell, rent, loan, trade or otherwise share the personal information that is used in the processing or fulfillment of transactions that originate with The Wild Center.

We recognize that our donors care deeply that their personal information is kept secure. Our comprehensive standards are intended to help The Wild Center proactively protect your account data—a responsibility we take very seriously.

Protecting the Privacy of Donor Transactions

If you make a donation, join or renew as a member, purchase an admission ticket, or sign up for a program, either online or on-site, you sometimes are asked to provide personally identifiable information in order to process and fulfill your transaction. That information is usually limited to your contact information (e.g., name, physical address, email, phone, etc.) and your credit card or other payment information. The Wild Center does not sell, rent, loan, trade or otherwise share any of the personal information about you that is provided during a transaction.

Public Recognitions with Your Consent

We understand that donors may wish to remain anonymous, and we strive to honor such requests and preserve your anonymity. However, with your consent, we may share your information for a particular purpose. For example, we may give donors the option to have their name publicly associated with their donation. Or, with your consent, we may quote a statement that you’ve made about The Wild Center.

Use of Donor Information in Aggregate in Research, Reports, etc.

We may publish or share summaries of non-private aspects of our donor information for research or reporting purposes, for example to show trends in the number of donors, the average donation amount, etc.

Email Subscriptions and Email Privacy

If you subscribe to any of The Wild Center’s email newsletters, The Wild Center will use your name and email address to send the newsletter to you. If you sign up for one of our email lists, we will only send you the kinds of information you have requested.

If you send us an email message containing a question or comment, or if you send us a question or comment by using one of our web forms, we will use your personally identifying email information to respond to your comment or question. We also may forward your email on to the staff person best able to answer your question or address your issue. Subsequent to that communication, you may receive additional emails from The Wild Center with information on our programs and activities that may be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe from those emails at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email, or by contacting The Wild Center at:

The Wild Center does not sell, rent, loan, trade or otherwise share email addresses of our donors, members, visitors, email subscribers, etc.

Your Privacy During a Visit to the Wild Center

No personal identification is required on a visit to The Wild Center’s campus in Tupper Lake, NY. A visitor can check-in, pay cash, and not be identified in any way. If paying by credit card, a signature is requested for the receipt. Wild Center members can choose to identify themselves at the admissions desk in order to receive member benefits and discounts.

The Wild Center does have CCTV cameras throughout the campus. The images recorded by those cameras are solely for the purpose of identifying a criminal act that may occur. Files are retained for a maximum of four weeks. The security camera recordings cannot be accessed by the public, nor are they made available for public use.

The Wild Center has webcams that are streamed for public viewing. Visitors should be aware that the possibility exists that their image may be displayed on a webcam. Streamed videos are not recorded or retained.

Website Tracking and Research

Like many websites, collects information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website. That data may include information such as browser type, browser version, website pages you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on specific pages, and other website use statistics. Often, this data is collected via third party services such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, and other online marketing platforms, all of which collect, monitor and aid us in analyzing this type of information. This information is purely statistical and does not contain any personally identifying information on the website visitor.

The Wild Center’s use of cookies and web beacons (a type of tracking cookie also referred to as web tag, pixel tag, etc.) does not result in the capturing or storing of your personal information. The Wild Center uses them to better understand its online visitors, to improve its marketing efforts, and to make improvements to website content, navigation and structure.

If you are concerned about the use of cookies, you can explore and possibly change your browser’s options to remove existing cookies, to alert you when a new cookie is sent, or to turn off the acceptance of new cookies. Prohibiting cookies could restrict access to some website content or features.

Other Website, Email, and Communication Policies


Our website is designed to be accessible to visitors with disabilities, and to comply with federal guidelines concerning accessibility. We welcome your comments, and if you have suggestions on how to make our website more accessible, please contact us at

Children and Privacy

The Wild Center’s websites are intended to be accessible and enjoyed by general audiences. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.

Opt-Out or Change Your Contact Information

If you have had an interaction or transaction with The Wild Center, you may receive further communication from The Wild Center (e.g., emails, newsletters, solicitations, etc.). You always have the ability to opt-out of receiving any further communication from us, by calling 518-359-7800 or emailing You also can communicate your preference to receive only specific communications, or to update your contact information.

If you choose to opt-out, your information will be deleted from all mailing and email lists. Any personally identifying information associated with transactions will be retained as required by law and by generally accepted accounting practices.

Third Party Processing

We supply third parties with personal data if this is required for technical reasons (e.g. in the case that we do not have the required technology in-house), or due to legal obligations.

In such cases, we employ the services of a specialized third party to carry out the agreed activities or to fulfill an agreement or sales contract. This third party would also process your personal data. Examples include providing a delivery service with address information so that they are able to deliver online orders to the correct address, or providing a printer with your contact information to send marketing or informational material to you by mail, email or alternate method.

In such cases, we will employ the services of a third party who satisfies our safety norms and privacy guidelines. We make clear agreements with these third parties regarding the handling personal data with care.

Website Links

Throughout our website are links to other websites that may contain information of interest to our website users. We take no responsibility for the content on those websites, or the accuracy of the information they provide.

Creating a link from your website to one or more of our webpages does not require our permission. If you have a link you’d like us to consider adding to our website, please send an email to with the subject “Link request.”

Use of Wild Center Text and Images

If you would like to publish information that you find on our website, please send your request to Where text or images are posted on our website with the permission of the original copyright holder, a copyright statement appears at the bottom of the page. Information about using our logo and images is available on our website, or contact

Modifications of these Policies

We maintain the option to modify these policies at any time, so please review periodically. Any changes made to these policies are effective on the day they are posted to our website, as reflected by the date shown at the end of this document.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding this policy, you may contact us at:
The Wild Center
45 Museum Drive
Tupper Lake, NY 12986

Last updated: March 5, 2019