If you began at the ocean’s floor and swam up toward the light, you would see the life around you change as you ascend. The creatures of the tidal pool are different from those of the deep. The same variation happens in the forest. Every rise from the floor is a new neighborhood, populated in different ways, by different creatures. There are birds the most avid watchers rarely see because they live such high lives, skimming through the uppermost branches. There are birds that love the tops of pines, and birds that scour the ground under birches, and they rarely meet. You would not expect to see an eagle on the ground or a fox hunting along tree branches. And the same applies for thousands of less storied creatures, including some that never set foot on earth.

Our own human view is usually head high, and when we see a picture taken from another perspective it often surprises. Put a camera looking up through the moss, or looking down from on high, and you see something new.

At Wild Walk, you can ascend, foot by foot, leaving the view we see most often, and wander into planes you may not have seen since you scraped your younger legs up a tree trunk.

The world is filled with amazing things, and it is worth leaving the comfort of the familiar ground to see more, and see from another point of view.