Wild Walk takes visitors up a trail of bridges to the treetops of the Adirondack forest.

It’s designed to transform the way we see into the natural world by offering up the perspective of the rest of nature.

The world is wildly different for animals that see, hear, smell and feel the world in ways that we can only imagine. Every other species that lives in the Adirondacks sees and senses the world differently from us. It’s an amazing idea, and one people can feel on Wild Walk.

Did you know that bears can see the past? Their noses signal what’s happening now and what happened yesterday. It would be the same as if you could see people walking through your room now and the faint ghosts of people who walked through last night.

There are snakes that catch smell on their tongues, animals that feel their way around the woods with a sense of touch twenty-times more powerful than our own highly sensitive finger tips. Some animals live in 3D worlds built from sounds and smell instead of sight, and others see a world so different it would be unrecognizable to us.

The Wild Walk experience includes a four-story twig tree house and swinging bridges, a spider’s web where people can hang out, and chances to just sit and observe the forest below. There’s a full-sized bald eagle’s nest at the highest point where visitors can perch and imagine.