Download The Youth Climate Summit Toolkit

The Youth Climate Summit is a participant-driven educational conference for youth produced by a museum, zoo, aquarium, school, or other community organization to create an opportunity for learning, dialogue and action on climate change.

Here, you’ll discover a toolkit dedicated to sharing the Youth Climate Summit model that The Wild Center developed and tested over the last six years. The model is flexible and replicable by design; what you do with it depends on the youth who lead the process and the adults who partner with them to organize the event, as well as your institution’s resources.Within the toolkit, you’ll find an essential framework for hosting a successful summit virtually anywhere, including the “secret sauce” that makes the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit a transformational experience for so many participants.  Information is provided in manageable chunks with examples and customizable templates. We give you the tools so that your organization can build on our successes, without reinventing the wheel.  

To download our toolkit and accompanying appendix, fill out the form below and we’ll email you your own special link to download everything you need to get your summit up and running.