Border Crossing information

Travel the Three Nations Bridge (Akwesasne, Canada & U.S.A)

When visiting the Native North American Travelling College & Museum on Canada’s Cornwall Island, in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, U.S. residents need to first pass through the Canada border crossing located on the north side of the river. So you will need to cross two bridges, one on either side of the island, clear customs, and then drive back to Cornwall Island. At mid-island, turn east onto Island Road, and then turn right at 0.8 miles, onto the entrance road for the Travelling College.

All adults and children age 16 or older should carry a passport or passport equivalent. Children 15 or younger may present proof of citizenship with a U.S. birth certificate. Children traveling with someone other than their parents should carry a parental consent letter. Review the latest U.S. and Canada customs information at these websites: