Welcome to Wild Lights presented by Merrill L. Thomas, Inc.

Weekends this winter, wander into our enchanting, illuminated winter wonderland to explore the sights and sounds of Wild Lights, presented by Merrill L. Thomas, Inc.. Thousands of lights transform our campus into a twinkling, family-friendly experience that is sure to become a holiday tradition for North Country families.

Guests will bask in the glow of thousands of lights as they experience, for the first time, Wild Walk after dark.  Then, stroll through Forest Music to surround yourself with immersive music and lights—curated specifically for the quarter-mile looped trail.

Winter programming at The Wild Center is supported by the Franklin County Destination Development & Marketing Program.  .

Reservations are limited and masks/social distancing are required.  All guests and members must have timed reservations.

Details & Reservations


  • Fridays & Saturdays, 5 – 7 pm
  • Wild Lights ends March 13


  • Reservations are required for all members and guests and must be made prior to arrival.
  • Wild Lights is included with regular day-time Wild Center reservations. Your reservation is good for one-time admission only. Re-entry is not permitted. All sales are final: there are no refunds, cancellations or rescheduling. 
  • Wild Lights-only reservations (5 – 7 pm) are available:
    • $10 Adults
    • $5 Youth
    • Members free

Wild Center Visitor Code of Conduct

Please note that during Wild Lights, only Wild Walk and Forest Music will be open.  Ice fishing, kick sleds, snowshoes rentals, the Pines Play Area, the Wild Supply Co, indoor restrooms, Outdoor Classroom (including Creature Features and animal viewing) will not be available.

A Soundtrack for Winter

Wild Lights features a 5-piece composition created specifically for Forest Music.

“Winter” by Whatever Penny is a 5 song instrumental collection that focuses on winter in the traditional sense. Commissioned by The Wild Center, “Winter” was composed specifically for their Forest Music exhibit. Arranged across a quarter mile trail for 24 different speakers, this wintertime collection of songs is designed to invoke the solitude, wonder, and introspection that comes with being outside in the woods on a still evening.

With glittering textures scattered throughout, these pieces might mirror the shimmering spectacle of snowflakes cascading from a grey sky, or settle in a hymn-like familiarity with stately progressions evocative of a carol. Some, with harmonies as warm as a cup of hot chocolate, kindle the image of a quiet evening by the fireplace, while others, in their gentle simplicity, summon an atmosphere reminiscent of the vastness of a snow-covered forest, inviting the mind to wander as the listener would throughout the trail. As the music guides listeners on a physical journey, let it also set the stage for reflection as a long and complicated year concludes: as winter sets in we hibernate, we contemplate and observe this cycle ending, but in this end there is beauty, in so many things–in being together, being alone, and in the rebirth it promises.

Special thanks to Franklin Hansen and Emily Ta who wrote “Snow,” and to Tim Segado for mixing/producing the entire album.


– Solstice, Marzanna, Borealis, and Apricity written by Eric Sturr
– Snow written by Franklin Hansen and Emily Ta
– All tracks mixed by Tim Segado
– Photograph by Richard Sturr
– Artwork by Sean O’Kane