Every day there are feature films in the Flammer Theater, including A Matter of Degrees and The Wild Adirondacks. Check the daily schedule for film times.

A Matter of Degrees, a 2008 Banff Mountain Film Festival Finalist and narrated by Sigourney Weaver, shows the true history of the Adirondacks. See a time when mastadons roamed the valleys of the Adirondacks, tapirs swam its rivers, and whales slid above places where towns and villages stand today. This original film, produced exclusively for The Wild Center’s wide-screen theater, will take you on an epic trip to see just how much climate shapes our lives.

Explore the wonders of the Adirondack region with photographer, Carl Heilman in The Wild Adirondacks. With breath taking panoramic images you will experience the magic and majesty those special places in the Adirondacks wilds few of us get to see. Heilman’s use of special wide-format images and the Flammer Theater’s unique screen size provide a visual experience unlike any other. Adding to the experience is the original musical score, written and recorded by Crane School of Music graduate, Lance Day.