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There is a wild world to discover.

Science is where The Wild Center puts stories, films, and other media that you can explore whenever you want.

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The Flight of Lifek

These almost weightless insects can fly 2,800 miles to find a place they have never been. Learn more about their amazing lives here.


This movie will never make it to your iPadk

The Wild Center was the site of the world premiere of NASA's spherical film, Water FallsThe movie, about how eyes in space will help us know where water will fall, and fail to fall, in a world of changing climate, screens on the Center's Planet Adirondack globe. 

Sturgeon - The Wild Center

Fossil Fish

These fish are ancient, and have a lot in common with sharks, except they swim in the Adirondacks.

Flying Karamozov Brothers - The Systems of Nature

Flying Karamozov Brothers Juggle Mother Nature

How Systems in Nature Work

An amusing look at the ways things like the energy cycle work, with water (balloons), juggling (bears) and (burning) men.

Silkmoth Time Lapse

Emergence of a Silkmoth

The columbia silkmoth is a large moth that may be seen occasionally in the Adirondacks in upstate New York from late May through June. They are considered rare and little is known about their populations within the park.  Dr. Janet Mihuc from Paul Smith's College is studying their wild populations and gave us these cocoons to release at The Wild Center once they emerged.  They emerged from their cocoons over a few days in May. 

Whiteface Is a Tough Mountain

Whiteface isn’t always the coldest place in the Adirondacks, but it is one of the fiercest. 

The average temperature all year is exactly freezing. 

The highest wind speed recorded matched the hurricane that devastated the American city of New Orleans, and that may be the record only because the summit weather rips apart the wind-measuring equipment.

Whiteface is tough and the life here meets her conditions with amazing tenacity.

Explore the Mountain's Tale

Learning by Doingk

Boundless opportunities await enthusiastic individuals breaking into the field of interpretation, natural history, guiding, animal care and more. Find out more about interns at The Wild Center.


Adirondack Pollinator Projectk

Learn about the Adirondack Pollinator Project, a new partnership initiative striving to build awareness, knowledge, and understanding about the global and local importance of pollinators across the Adirondack region led by ADK Action, with help from The Wild Center, Lake Placid Land Conservancy, Local Living Venture, and Common Ground Gardens in Saranac Lake.