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Emerging Leaders fellowship


Emerging Leaders Fellowship 

The Emerging Leaders fellowship is a one-of-a-kind, leadership development program where young people from the Adirondack Region are able to meaningfully engage in climate change work, and find pathways to turn their passion into climate action. This is a paid fellowship focused on leadership, sustainability, and finding your place in the climate movement. The program launched in 2023, and is a year long fellowship. In the Emerging Leaders Fellowship, young people are mentored by The Wild Center's Youth Climate Program staff to work on projects which use their passions and skills to  positively impact their communities and the planet. This fellowship is unique in that it is youth-driven. Fellows will have the agency to pursue their interests and explore new topics in climate change. They will have the opportunity to work closely with the Youth Climate Program staff, supporting activities ranging from leading workshops at other Youth Climate Summits to planning and designing our Youth Climate Leadership Retreat. This fellowship allows young people from a range of backgrounds and personal interests to coalesce around a shared love for the planet, and use that to inspire meaningful action in the climate change movement.

Fellowship Details

You are eligible to apply to the Emerging Leaders Fellowship if you meet the following criteria:

- Are a current high school student
- Can commit to one in-person meeting at The Wild Center per month
- You are able to attend one in-person meeting at The Wild Center each month
- You have a deep passion and love for the planet
- Can commit 3-5 hours per month
What you can expect:

- $250 monthly stipend for your participation
- Mentorship from the Youth Climate Program staff
- Leadership development
- Career skills such as communications, organization, meeting deadlines, working on a team, etc.
- Trainings on mental health, leadership, communicating climate change, and many more holistic approaches to working in the climate movement
- Connecting with climate change professionals and other youth from across the region/country
- Learning about and engaging with the plethora of ways to get involved in the climate change movement

What we will expect:

- Showing up to each meeting with an open and eager mind
- You come ready to learn
- A love for the planet, and passion for doing work to protect it
- Three to five hours per month of work
- A desire to learn, grow, and develop as a leader
- Compensated travel to other Youth Climate Summits and other off site opportunities, some of which may require overnight stays
The Emerging Leaders Fellowship program will offer trainings in the following topic areas:

- Leadership
- Climate communication
- Climate science
- Climate solutions
- Civic engagement
- Climate mental health
- Climate education
- Public speaking
- Workforce readiness
- Careers in climate
The Emerging Leaders Fellowship will provide opportunities to:

- Work closely with Youth Climate Program staff
- Speak, lead workshops, and support other Youth Climate Summits in our Youth Climate Summit Network
- Work in an institution who is focusing on climate change solutions, justice, and initiative
- Writing opportunities such as opinion pieces, co-authoring articles for publication, and more
-  Travel to off site networking events
- Participate in climate conferences across the region/country
- Plan, design, and execute The Wild Center climate change related events
- Lead public programs at The Wild Center in our Climate Solutions exhibit
- Use Planet Adirondack (NOAA's Science on a Sphere) to lead public programs communicating climate change data
- Connect with young people from across the region/country who are engaging in similar climate change work
The 2024 Emerging Leaders Fellowship application is closed. The application will re-open in May, 2024. Please contact Garrett Marino, Youth Climate Leadership Coordinator if you have any questions at
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Young People, Adults, and Climate Change

The Youth Climate Program is a living testament to the power that young people hold in the climate change movement. Young people are deeply invested in the future of our planet, and have inherited a planet which is in desperate need of help. Whether you are interested in science, engineering, art, or literature there is an entry point into the climate movement for you. Through the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit, our Youth Climate Leadership Retreats, and intergenerational approach, we have learned how important it is for young people to have opportunities to step into the climate conversation. Because young people often do not have resources, a network, or institutional backing, it is imperative for adults and organizations to support them to do the incredible work they are more than capable of. The Emerging Leaders Fellowship offers one such pathway to empowering rural youth to catalyze change.


If you are interested in learning more about the Emerging Leaders Fellowship program, please contact Garrett Marino,, or Alicia Lamb,