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Mini Grants

*** Our Mini-Grant program is not longer accepting applications for the 2024 year ***

The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program invites high school environmental clubs/groups from New York State to apply for funding to support student- led Climate Action Plans. After a challenging and stressful couple of years, The Wild Center is excited to support students and teachers in completing climate action projects and kick-starting environmental clubs. Funding can be one of the largest barriers to implementing your Climate Action Plans, which is why are offering up to $500 for you to start taking climate action.

Grant Details

Grants up to $500 will be awarded to support student-led Climate Action Projects or, in some cases, restart environmental clubs. Students will be asked to submit a brief summary on how they used their grant funding. These grants are intended empower young people to take positive climate action in their communities through providing funding towards their unique projects.


- Current high school students from New York State are invited to apply on behalf of their environmental clubs/ groups. 

- Priority will be given to schools/groups in the Adirondack/North Country region, especially those who attended the 2023 Adirondack Youth Climate Summit. Group must be a non-profit organization. 

- Although teachers/mentors are encouraged to support environmental clubs as active advisors, a high school student must be the lead contact on the application.

How to Apply

Step 1. Create your Climate Action Plan which includes identifying a project to work on, assessing your resources, and creating a timeline on how you are going to complete your project.

Step 2. Checkout our Climate Action Project resources. Many of the projects that you want to work on have been done before! There are many guides and resources that you can find below.

Step 3. (Optional) Schedule a meeting with the Youth Climate Program's Climate Team to brainstorm ideas, work on your Climate Action Plan, and learn more about our Mini-Grant program.

Step 4.  Apply for a Mini-Grant using the link below.

Step 5. Once your Mini-Grant application has been accepted, get to work!

Step 6. Make sure to keep updating your Final Report which is required to be submitted once you complete your Climate Action Project

Mini-Grant Links