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Scent of a Moose

A team trained dogs, the same kind that sniff out bombs and drugs, to sniff out moose poop, more formally known as scat. The dogs used their training and geometric triangulation to conduct a moose count. These are dogs that are selected because they are often the opposite of great pets, high drive and high focused animals who take that energy and become working field science assistants.

Mosquitoes with Simon

Simon Schreier, Wild Center Interpretive Programs Manager, discusses the good and bad of mosquitoes and how you can be involved with International Science Center & Science Museum Day.

The Pollinator Victory Garden: Winning the War on Pollinator Decline

The Adirondack Pollinator Project is proud to sponsor a free public lecture by Kim Eierman, an Environmental Horticulturist specializing in ecological landscapes and native plants.
The story of the Adirondacks is the most interesting natural history story in the world. It has been shown here that natural systems can restore themselves and recover in remarkable ways in coexistence with man.
Bill McKibben