A Net Zero Home


A Net Zero Home

It may seem impossible to accomplish in the Adirondacks, but a dedicated team of people – a homeowner, a builder, and LEED consultants – was able to successfully design and build a Net Zero house, where the total amount of energy used on the site is equal to the amount of renewable energy being produced.

Net Zero Home Part I

“That’s kinda outta my league,” is how one of the project’s lead builders first thought of Net Zero. See how he made the jump to building a house that’s one hundred percent zero.

Should You Get LEED Certified?

Our owner had his doubts but discovered a way to see differently through LEED certification.

Making Your Own Power

How one owner figured out how to build a house that turned the electric meter backwards.

Making a Truly Tight House

Our crew shows how they built a house that would allow fresh air inside but not heat the outdoors.

How Your Site Matters

The builders had never worked with a site plan on this scale. See how they learned to use the site to make the house cheaper to maintain and operate.

Net Zero Home Part VI – More for Less

Net Zero doesn’t mean zero money left in your wallet. Most manufacturers are responding to increased demand by businesses to lower energy costs for their buildings. As a result, many Net Zero building supplies are becoming the new normal.
The story of the Adirondacks is the most interesting natural history story in the world. It has been shown here that natural systems can restore themselves and recover in remarkable ways in coexistence with man.
Bill McKibben