Building a Net Zero Home.

It may seem impossible to accomplish in the Adirondacks, but a dedicated team of people – a homeowner, a builder, and LEED consultants – was able to successfully design and build a Net Zero house, where the total amount of energy used on the site is equal to the amount of renewable energy being produced.

Net Zero Home Part I

“That’s kinda outta my league,” is how one of the project’s lead builders first thought of Net Zero. See how he made the jump to building a house that’s one hundred percent zero.

Should You Get LEED Certified?

Our owner had his doubts but discovered a way to see differently through LEED certification.

Making Your Own Power

How one owner figured out how to build a house that turned the electric meter backwards.

Making a Truly Tight House

Our crew shows how they built a house that would allow fresh air inside but not heat the outdoors.

How Your Site Matters

The builders had never worked with a site plan on this scale. See how they learned to use the site to make the house cheaper to maintain and operate.

Net Zero Home Part VI – More for Less

Net Zero doesn’t mean zero money left in your wallet. Most manufacturers are responding to increased demand by businesses to lower energy costs for their buildings.  As a result, many Net Zero building supplies are becoming the new normal.