Engage your students in an exploration of science and the natural world from a Wild Center perspective – no bus ride necessary. Experience The Wild Center’s campus and get to know some of our animals through some of our favorite activities and a private, fun, interactive educational program with one of our Naturalists. 



  • Meet North American River Otters
  • Go behind-the-scenes
  • Make observations
  • Ask questions

Whether your class or group is nearby or far away, engage your students in 30 minutes of curriculum-based science exploration, from a Wild Center perspective. Virtual programs can accommodate up to 100 individuals and be catered to all ages. *Available on Zoom or Google Meet Platforms

River Otter Ecology

Follow us on an engaging experience, diving into the world of otters. Students will explore the amazing adaptations and natural history of the otters in the Adirondacks. Program features an encounter with North American river otters*

NextGen Standards: K-ESS3-1, 3-LS3-2, 4-LS1-1, 4-LS1-2




Virtual Field Trips are $100.00 per 30 minute program session. Virtual Field Trips are BOCES Approved. Your district may be able to apply for assistance through the Co-Ser program. Download our flyer for more information about virtual and on-site experiences. 

For further information contact:

School Programs Coordinator
Email: schoolprograms@wildcenter.org
Phone: (518) 359-7800 x123

To Register:

Fill out the online request form below to schedule a virtual experience. For further information, contact Tori Herkalo, School Programs Coordinator, at therkalo@wildcenter.org at 518-359-7800 ext. 123.