Whether your class is meeting remotely, in-person, or hybrid, engage your students in an exploration of science and the natural world from a uniquely Wild Center perspective – no bus ride necessary. Experience The Wild Center’s campus through some of our favorite activities and a private, fun, interactive educational program with one of our Naturalists. 


  • A Live Digital Wild Center Educational Program in which students drive exploration of The Wild Center Animals and Exhibits.
  • A chance to experience science practices such as inquiry, while examining otter adaptations up close with a Wild Center Naturalist.
  • A cool virtual tour of Wild Walk to view Adirondack habitats from above.
  • A downloadable packet of supplemental science activities to further investigate and build upon the field trip experience
  • Follow up activities for further learning.

*Available over Zoom or Google Meets Platforms.

Otter Encounters – Virtual Field Trip – offered year-round

Join a Wild Center Naturalist at Otter Falls to examine the unique adaptations of our North American River Otters. Learn about the history of otters in New York State including their incredible comeback. Head, virtually, to Wild Walk to view the Adirondacks and otter habitats from above.



Apex Predators – Virtual Field Trip – offered year-round

Students choose their own path through an interactive activity investigating Adirondack apex predators. Join a Wild Center Naturalist to travel back in time to explore the history of coyotes and wolves in the Adirondacks and learn about the makeup of their skulls.


Look out for additional seasonal offerings soon!



Virtual Field Trips are $100.00 per 45-60 minute program session if scheduled between November 2020 and January 2021. Virtual Field Trips are BOCES Approved. Your district may be able to apply for assistance through the Co-Ser program.

For further information contact:

Michael Trumbower
School Programs Coordinator
Email: schoolprograms@wildcenter.org
Phone: (518) 359-7800 x112