Jr. Naturalists

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Do you like to explore nature?
Do you like to ask questions?
Do you like to learn about animals and plants?
Do you like to be creative?
Did you answer yes to any of the questions above? Then you’re well on your way to becoming a Wild Center Jr. Naturalist!

Become a Jr. Naturalist

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Week 5 – Time to Share

Awesome job Jr Naturalists! You have made it to the last challenge! In our excitement to get outside to observe and learn about nature it is easy to forget about one of the most important parts of being a naturalist, sharing what we learn with other people! Get your Final page here! Once you finish […]
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Otter illustration

Week 4 – Mysterious Mammals and Food Webs

While there are many types of animals that may live in your community from the smallest insects, to largest mammals and birds. This week we will be turning our attention to mammals, or a group of vertebrates (animals with backbones) that have hair, are warm-blooded (endothermic), and typically give birth to their young. Naturalist Challenge: […]
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Week 3 – Plant Life

Taking a close look at the plants that you find in natural spaces around you is a great place to start to zoom in on the many living parts of an ecosystem. You can learn to identify the different adaptations of plants in your area and begin to recognize relationships between them and other living […]
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Illustration of sunburst

Week 2 – Exploring Connections

Whether you refer to the area you’re exploring as a habitat or an ecosystem, everything around you in nature is connected. A habitat is typically the name for the home of an organism that includes food, water, and shelter, while an ecosystem is a bit larger and includes a community of interacting non-living and living things […]
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Illustration of monarch butterfly

Week 1 – Making Observations

Week 1: Making Observations One of the most important skills of a Naturalist is making observations, or using your senses to learn about the world around you. This week we are challenging you to use Nature Journaling and iNaturalist to begin to take some time to observe and record your findings. To help you get […]
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Jr. Naturalist book cover featuring illustrations of wolf, moose, skull and ant

Cover Page and Instruction Sheets

No matter where you are in the world, you can practice being a good naturalist. Complete our Jr. Naturalist Book and become certified as a Wild Center Jr. Naturalist! HOW IT WORKS: Every week will cover different topics from full ecosystems, to plants, to animals and foodwebs. Complete the challenges on Jr. Naturalist pages to […]
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