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Earth Science


From Earth Processes to weather, let’s explore the world around us.

Life Sciences

View of student project exploring erosion principles using sticks and other materials

Engineering Challenge: Erosion

Step into the shoes of an engineer in this exciting challenge you can do at home. Can you design and build a model wilderness shelter that can withstand the dynamic powers of erosion then put it to the test?
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Clouds over the Wild Walk metal towers

Weather Over Wild Walk

Join Field Correspondent Derek to become a citizen scientist using Globe Observer. Head out onto Wild Walk to learn all about clouds, including how to make your own cloud in a bottle. Observe the sky in your backyard, and become part of a project supporting NASA using Globe Observer.
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Explore Our Solar System

Explore the solar system up close with a hands-on activity and technology integration with NOAA’s Science on a Sphere. Create your own pocket solar system, to understand its incredible scale. Bring the dynamic Science on a Sphere experience home with the SOSx mobile app for phones and tablets. Links Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory NOAA’s […]
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