Composting at The Wild Center


Composting at The Wild Center

Composter being loaded into container

Let's Break it Down

The system, house in a retrofitted 40-foot shipping container, allows The Wild Center to process up to 200 pounds of organic matter each day which reduces food waste, landfill costs and methane emissions while creating a valuable soil amendment. The project offsets about nine metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually—the equivalent of removing two vehicles from the road.
Illustration of creature as compactor.Illustrations of microbes

All Creatures Great and Small

The mural that adorns our composter is a part of a new exhibit opening Summer 2021.

We think our composter looks and acts like a giant creature–we feed it food scraps and it digests them into compost. The process of composting can be hard to visualize–it happens on a microscopic level, and the transformation from food scraps to compost can take months. Local artist Peter Seward created this mural to tell the composting story in a fun and imaginative way.

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