Adirondack Journeys


Adirondack Journeys

Capturing a Cloud

Join Karen Roy on Whiteface Mountain to see how acid rain affects the Adirondacks.

Flying Back to an Ice Age Flood

David Franzi, Ph.D. takes you back to look at the Adirondacks a the end of the last ice age.

Hiking a Storm-Ravaged Landscape

Charlie Canham hikes a region of the Adirondacks ravaged by great blowdown of 1995.

Climbing into the Arctic Alpine

Explore the high arctic alpine regions of the Adirondacks with Nancy Slack.

Tracking Moose

Ski through the woods to track moose with Al Hicks

Rafting the Hudson River Gorge

Take a whitewater raft trip down the Hudson River gorge to study the geology and plants along the river.

The story of the Adirondacks is the most interesting natural history story in the world. It has been shown here that natural systems can restore themselves and recover in remarkable ways in coexistence with man.
Bill McKibben