Every Friday in October from October 1 to October 29, we invite all homeschool families and students to visit The Wild Center to delve into the natural world and awaken curiosity for all things untamed.

Curiosity opens up a world of possibilities – it pushes us to keep learning, and discovering the world around us. Spend the day exploring The Wild Center’s indoor Living River Trail and get a birds-eye view of the Adirondacks on Wild Walk. Immerse yourself in Forest Music or walk through our brand new stickwork sculpture.


  • Homeschool Days are open to students learning from home and their families.
  • Admission is $5/youth (5-17) and $10/adult (18+)
  • Reservations are required before visiting to receive the homeschool rat

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These events are sponsored by Membership at The Wild Center. Sign up now to join a growing community and benefit from a number of perks including unlimited visits for the next year.