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Week 6: Fish

Week 6: Fish

Fish are the most diverse group of vertebrates (animals with backbones). They can be found all over the world, in fresh and saltwater habitats. They’ve adapted to fill all sorts of roles in their ecosystems and are capable of surviving in even the most extreme environments.

Dive deeply into the world of fish in this week’s activities!

To help you get started:

Learn about how fish float with Derek.

Then watch Shyia and Kayleigh give you some examples on how to complete this week’s neutral buoyancy challenge at minute 9:42.

Learn about bullhead catfish with Nick

Then watch Michael dissect a catfish at minute 10:25!

Observe a trout feeding at The Wild Center with Chelsie.

Start at minute 1:18 to learn all about brook trout, then at minute 6:25 see what we feed our trout. Then at minute 8:10 get a closer look at the teeth of these predators!


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