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The Wild Center Kicks off 2023 Season Today, May 5

The Wild Center Kicks off 2023 Season Today, May 5

Tupper Lake Museum to welcome immersive film, VR experience, two major festivals and


Tupper Lake, N.Y. – The Wild Center is opening for its 2023 season today, May 5. Off the heels of a
USA Today Readers’ Award where it was voted Second Best Science Museum in the U.S., The Wild
Center has expanded its offerings and activities with new exhibits and experiences. Among these
are Backyard Wilderness – a film that captures the beauty and complexity of the natural world that
exists just beyond your doorstep and Birdly – a state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) flying simulator.

Produced by the award-winning SK Films, Backyard Wilderness offers a stunning cinematic
experience that transports viewers into the hidden world of nature in their own backyard. Through
breathtaking visuals and engaging storytelling, the film reveals the extraordinary lifecycles and
relationships of the plants and animals that surround us every day. The film will be shown daily in
The Wild Center’s Flammer Theater, a state-of-the-art cinema with 50-foot screen and advanced
sound system, and included with general admission. On-site programming will complement the
movie’s content, inspiring visitors to engage and appreciate the natural world in their own

"Backyard Wilderness is a fantastic film that offers a new perspective on the nature that surrounds
us," said Stephanie Ratcliffe, Executive Director of The Wild Center. "Through its immersive
storytelling and incredible imagery, it reminds us that the natural world is full of wonder and
beauty, and that we can all play a part in protecting it."

Another way The Wild Center is helping to connect visitors with nature is by partnering with
Birdly, a state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) flying simulator that offers visitors a unique and
thrilling experience of soaring through the sky like a bird. Birdly is a highly immersive VR
experience that allows visitors to fly over mountains, lakes, and forests while controlling the
direction and speed of their flight with their body movements. The simulator recreates the
sensation of flying with its cutting-edge technology, including a motion platform, wind effects and a
4K display, which offers a stunning view of the natural landscape.

"We're excited to offer our visitors the opportunity to experience the exhilarating sensation of
flying like a bird over the Adirondack Mountains," said Ratcliffe. "Birdly is a fantastic addition to our
exhibits, as it not only offers a thrilling experience but also allows visitors to learn about the science
and mechanics of bird flight." The one-of-a-kind experience will be available for $6 per person.

Special events and programming will be held throughout the summer to both educate and entertain
visitors. On July 1, The Wild Center will hold the Get Outside Festival, inviting individuals to
reconnect with the unexpected wonders of nature right outside their door. Attendees are
encouraged to spend their day in nature while they climb, build, and play in the fresh air and
natural landscapes of the Adirondacks. The day will feature family activities ranging from fly fishing
and nature scavenger hunts to stick fort building, insect races or just laying back and watching the
clouds as they pass.

On August 5, Plug in Electric Fest will feature a range of fun and educational activities that
showcase the latest technologies and innovations in clean energy. Visitors can explore interactive
exhibits, participate in hands-on workshops and demonstrations, and learn from experts in the
field. With live music, local food vendors, and a lively atmosphere, Plug In is a great way for people
of all ages to learn about the benefits of renewable energy and have a wild time doing it.

The Wild Center is now open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. From Memorial
Day to Indigenous People’s Day, the Center will be open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm.

Admission can be purchased on The Wild Center’s website at and
provides access to the award-winning Wild Walk, immersive Forest Music experience and hiking
trails. Daily activities at the center include animal encounters, fish-feeding demonstrations and
programs with The Wild Center’s North American River Otters. Naturalist-led exploration activities
will take place on Wild Walk and across campus daily.

Later this summer, visitors will also have the opportunity to once again canoe the Raquette River
with a NYS-licensed guide, exploring wetland habitats and the native wildlife. Canoe tickets are
separate from museum admission and should be purchased in advance.

Visitors may access digital maps, audio tours and self-led scavenger hunts through The Wild Center
mobile app.

For more information, visit The Wild Center’s Visit page:


About The Wild Center
The Wild Center invites visitors to discover the story of the Adirondacks, and to explore new ways that people and nature can thrive in the same place. Located in Tupper Lake, NY the center uses science-based experiences, exhibits and programs to open new ways to look into the relationship that people have with nature and to promote environmental best practices. The Wild Center’s reimagined experience utilizes Wild Walk and its largely outdoor 115-acre campus.