The Adirondacks are an exceptionally rare ecosystem, and arguably the only place on Earth where nature has recovered over such a large area over such a long time. They are also a place where people live.

Some will argue that the Adirondacks are imperfect – that people and nature have not found an ideal way to coexist here. The Wild Center believes that key pieces of the puzzle are in place in the Adirondacks, and that there is a special opportunity here to both examine and optimize how people and nature can thrive together.

An Adirondack History 

A brief history of the Adirondack region


Why The Adirondacks Matter 

Dr. Peter Raven on why the Adirondacks matter now


Clarence Petty - An Adirondack Childhood 

Wilderness guide, pilot, and conservationist Clarence Petty talks about what it was like growing up a little wild in the Adirondacks a century ago.


Climate Science 

We’re deeply committed to understanding and helping all of us appreciate the gravity of current changes in the Earth’s climate, and our potential responses.


Return of The Wild 

The Adirondacks may be one of the only places on Earth where there is more wild today than there was 100 years ago.


Adirondack Aerial Tour 

Fly over the lakes, rivers and mountains of this majestic region.