Making Maple

Many methods can be used to make maple syrup, but each way makes the same sweet product. Here are some stories from families, neighbors and a serious amateur maple producers about how they strive to preserve this golden treat.

Making Maple - Family Style

The Pratt family likes to keep it simple. A hot fire and large pans are all they need for their sugaring operation. That and their family to help collect all the sap.

Maple Maple - Neighborhood Maple

Boiling sap is a fun activity especially with friends. Michael Cohen needed trees to tap so he asked his neighbors. He boils right outside the house so neighbors and friends can stop by to join in the festivities.

Making Maple - Semi-Pro

Once you have a sugar shack and an evaporator you’re practically a professional. Larry Dennis has his own small sugaring operation for the 140 trees he taps each spring, learning new tricks as he goes.

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