Adirondack Youth Climate Summit 2019
Live Stream Schedule


Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Plenary Session #1: Welcome & Climate Science 101

9-9:15: Welcome & Opening Remarks
9:15-9:55: Climate 101: What Do You Really Need To Know? Dr. Curt Stager, Paul Smith’s College
10:00-10:15: Meet Your Speakers


Plenary Session #2: Why Art?

1-1:45: Why Art? The Role of the Arts in the Climate Movement. Rachel Lit, The Climate Museum


Thursday, November 7, 2019


Plenary Session #4: Climate Leader Panel & Bright Spots

8:45-8:50: Welcome Back
8:50-9:20: Climate Leader Panel featuring Aryaana Khan, Alliance for Climate Education; Hakim Evans, Alliance for Climate Education; Caroline Dodd, Youth Climate Advisory Board; Scout Pronto Breslin, Rhinebeck High School Student
9:20-9:50: Bright Spots: Climate Action Success Stories


Plenary Session #5: Climate Action Planning

1:15-2:15: Climate Action Plan Share Out, all student teams