LIve Broadcasts from the 2018 Adirondack Youth Climate Summit

November 7-8, 2018

Nov. 7

9:00am Welcome & Plenary Session 1: What Do You Really Need to Know?
Dr. Curt Stager – Professor, Paul Smith’s College
You're eager to help spread the word about climate change, but are you sure you have the science straight? Here's a quick reminder of some of the basic "hot topics" that you'll need to "know cold" and be able to present in clear and creative ways, so you are properly empowered in your climate outreach.

1:00pm Plenary Session 2: Finding Your Voice
Lauren Gibson – Fellow, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
In middle school, Lauren wanted to blend in with the crowd at all costs. But when she learned about the impacts climate change was having on the people and animals she loved, she realized she needed to stand out to stand up for her cause. Join Lauren as she walks through her path from shy middle schooler to nonprofit founder and environmental leader. Along the way, we hope you’ll gather up some inspiration and insight into the power of environmental action—both on communities and on individuals—and walk away thinking a little deeper about your own role as a climate leader.

5:00pm Plenary Session 3: Natural Allies: Turning to Nature for Solutions to Climate Change
Gretchen Hooker – Program Manager, Biomimicry Institute & Biomimicry Youth Challenge
Dorna Schroeter – Program Coordinator, PNW BOCES Center for Environmental Education
Leah Valerio – Museum Curator, The Wild Center 
A sustainable world already exists--it’s right outside! Healthy ecosystems are superb models for building a sustainable world and the growing field of biomimicry (nature-inspired design) may hold the key to solving some of our trickiest climate change challenges. This presentation will highlight examples from the cutting edge of biomimicry and demonstrate how learning from nature’s time-tested forms, processes, and systems can help us arrive at innovative new solutions. The presentation will also feature a visit from one of the Wild Center’s animal ambassadors, giving participants a special guided opportunity to observe nature close-up and experience what it’s like to look at nature through a biomimetic lens.

Nov. 8

8:45am Plenary Session 4: Climate Leader Panel & Bright Spots - Climate Leader Panel
Afsana Akter, Hakim Evans, Aryana Kahn– Fellows, Alliance for Climate Education
Climate Leader Panel: This panel will highlight young climate leaders from the Alliance for Climate Education and The Wild Center's Youth Climate Program. Each seasoned leader will share favorite experiences, wisdom, and advice with the upcoming generation of youth climate leaders.

Bright Spots: Bright spots is a lightning round of talks and films highlighting unique projects and initiatives youth climate leaders have implemented in their schools and communities to build a more sustainable and climate resilient future.

2:00pm AYCS CAP Talk Out
We will hear from each participating school regarding their Climate Action Plan for the 2018-2019 School Year.


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