Adirondack Author's Night

August 13, 2024

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Adirondack Author's Night at The Wild Center

For the first time at The Wild Center, join many beloved Adirondack authors at this 40-year Long Lake tradition created by the esteemed Lorrie Hosley of Hoss's Country Corner fame. This year being held in memory of Lorrie, who passed away in 2023. Join us from 7-9 PM under The Wild Center patio tent. This event provides authors with an opportunity to engage with the community by showcasing and offering their books for sale. Attendees can browse the tables, interact with the authors, purchase books that pique their interest, and get them signed.
This event is free and open to all!


To date, confirmed featured authors include:
James Appleton
Nancy Best
Hallie Bond
Terri Brown
Scot Dahms
Lorraine Duvall
Brad Edmondson
Robert Elinskas
Yvona Fast
Liza Frenette
Caitlin Friebel
Lawrence Gooley
Brian Heinz
Rick Henry
William Hill
Gail Huntley
Ed Kanze
Michael Keeler
Howard Kirschenbaum
Ginger Kuenzel
Kathleen Larkin
Robert Lawrence
Pat Shannon Leonard
Janet Mallon
Walt McLaughlin
Donald McNutt
Todd Mead
Sheila Myers
Ruth O'Lill
April Peterson
Anne Phinney
Edward Pitts
Marty Podskoch
M.J. Rossi
Tim Rowland
John Sasso
David Schryver
Donna Sloan
Mason Smith
Heidi Sprouse
Curt Stager
George Steele
Jamie Stuliff
Sally Svenson
Caperton Tissot
Gary VanRiper
Daniel Way, MD
Larry Weill
Fran Yardley
Ken Youngblood
Jonathan Zaharek