Summits In Situ

Youth Climate Summits began here, in the heart of the Adirondacks. Now more than seven years later they have been held around the country and across the world. See what youth at the other Summits have been up to.

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The Finland Youth Climate Summit: Curious how to say 'Finland Youth Climate Summit' in Finnish? It's Nuorten Ilmastohuippukokous.

Began: 2011


The Vermont Youth Climate Summit: The first Summit held at a university (University of Vermont). Summits can be hosted by institutions of all kinds.

Began: 2014


The Detroit Youth Climate Summit: Reaching from the remote mountains of the Adirondacks to the bustling metropolis in Michigan.

Began: 2015


The Seattle YouthCAN Summit: Our first West Coast Summit!

Began: 2015


The School & Community Sustainability Summit: Bringing the Summit to the South in Houston.

Began: 2015

Detroit Climate Summit

Video: Detroit

Hear why students at the 2015 Detroit Youth Climate Summit care about climate change.


Video: Seattle

See what Seattle YouthCAN has in store next after their 2015 Summit.

Vermont Youth Climate Summit 2015

Video: Vermont

Hear the voices of Vermont youth who met at UVM to discover ways of making their schools more climate friendly.

Summits in Stills

Take a look at photos from other Summits to see what they've been up to.

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Where Will the Next One Be?