The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program works to convene, engage, connect and empower young people around the world for action on climate change.

Youth Climate Summit Toolkit 

You can organize a Youth Summit. We give you the tools, absolutely free, so that your organization can replicate our success, without reinventing the wheel.


Summit Map 

Youth Climate Summits have been spreading across the country and around the world.


Adirondack Youth Climate Summit 

The annual Summit held at The Wild Center continues to empower young people working towards climate resilience.


History & Recognition 

What started as a regional event has grown into a global movement.


Climate Education Resources 

Check out a list of some of our favorite climate change education resources.


Youth Climate Program Supporters & Partners 

Our work could not be accomplished without the help of a dedicated group of partners and supporters.


Contact Us 

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“The Adirondack Youth Climate Summit was an incredible experience. Not only was it a lot of fun, but I also learned so much in such a short period of time. I feel wizened about the global situation of climate change, and I was encouraged to learn that we have the capacity to deal with it.”

Samantha Martin, Saranac Lake High School alumna

“Of all the projects that I’m involved in and all of the things that I do this is the most inspiring, this is the one I get up in the morning for, because it’s so exciting and so inspiring to see solutions coming out of it. When you look at all of the things and when you stand up at the end of the day and you listen to all of the things that they’ve accomplished, it’s just amazing, it’s the most inspiring thing that I have ever seen. It’s not about climate change, it’s about regenerative change and increasing job opportunities, and green job growth and green education, and that’s what you’re seeing.”

Tammy Morgan, Lake Placid High School Teacher

“The Youth Summit has been the foundation of my future. It opened up doorways for travel to places like Costa Rica, landed me as a featured person in a documentary and had me marching with nearly 400,000 individuals in the streets of NYC. When looking for colleges I had sustainability in mind and based my decision on the decisions and offering with regards to climate. Since having taken an interest in the environment and AYCS I have made it my personal goal to go into business, a career I knew I wanted, with a focus in promoting sustainable technologies and their proliferation.”

Cody Barry, Lake Placid High School student