Now Live: Youth Have Power Speaker Series

Different Times, Different Event.

Join The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program for an exciting new event series – Youth Have Power: Plugging Into Climate Action. Youth Have Power is a flexible, 3 month menu of events for high school students to learn about climate change, decide how to take climate action, and connect with other youth climate leaders. Evening and weekend sessions will feature dynamic speakers, off-screen activities, and ways to meet other students who are passionate about climate action. Students who attend 5 sessions over the 3 months and complete 1 action challenge will have officially completed the program and will earn a prize!

Registrations are processed on a rolling basis, but we recommend registration before the Youth Have Power Kick-Off on September 29. Registration is free and open to high school students across the country and around the world. Youth can register individually or as part of a youth cohort or team. See below for information on registering youth cohorts.

All events are designed for an audience of high school youth, with the exception of the Speaker Series which is open to the public. Scroll down for a peek at the calendar for the entire event series.

Speaker Series: Each month, join the Youth Have Power Speaker Series to learn more about climate change from dynamic and exciting speakers. Hear from top innovators and change-makers from around the country on climate change solutions, environmental justice, and racial inequalities. These sessions will be streamed live on Facebook and The Wild Center’s website.

Climate Leader Weekend Challenge: Are you up for the challenge? Join these weekly climate challenge events to get off the screen, explore climate solutions in your community, and try your hand at some creative projects. 

Unwind Climate Time: In order to take care of the planet, you have to take care of yourself first! Connect with other youth climate leaders from across the country over a fun, low-stress activity.  

Office Hours: Have a question about climate change? Need some ideas for a socially-distant climate action project or troubleshooting a roadblock? Just want to chat? We’re here for you – pop in and say hi!

Slack Workspace: All youth participants will be invited to a Slack Workspace where they can meet and collaborate with other youth, chat about action projects, and get connected to more opportunities.  

Throughout Youth Have Power, you will be challenged to take climate action in a way that fits into your life and aligns with your passions. Here are your opportunities to participate in action challenges:

Start Small: Monthly climate action challenges will be open to the public and announced on social media after the Speaker Series events. Watch our social media channels for ways to participate.

Level Up: Participate in the Climate Leader Weekend Challenge for a deeper dive into the monthly climate action challenges. 

Think Bigger: In December, the Solutions Showcase will feature youth takeaways, lessons learned, and action plans developed over the few months of programs. Stay tuned to the Slack Workspace for more details. 


Anyone is invited to organize a youth cohort, including Youth Climate Summit locations, teachers, youth organizations, or youth leaders. Organizing a Youth Cohort is flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of students in your region.

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