In our quest to provide a positive experience for everyone, The Wild Center asks the following of all Visitors:

Keep Kids Safe. Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, many of our youngest visitors are not yet eligible for the vaccine – so we all need to help keep them safe.

Maintain a safe physical distance. You must maintain at least 6 feet between your group and the next visitor. Please do not crowd or rush other visitors during your tour, and please do not linger too long holding up the groups behind you.

Respect others. Be courteous to those around you in word and deed. 

Vaccinated visitors may remove their face covering when outdoors.

Unvaccinated visitors must have a mask on at all times.

All visitors, regardless of vaccine status, must wear a face covering when indoors. 

Assume good intentions. Should a conflict arise please do not touch or verbally interact with other visitors – child or adult. If you need assistance, ask a Wild Center staff member.