Welcome to Wild Lights, presented by Merrill L. Thomas, Inc.

Welcome to Wild Lights presented by Merrill L. Thomas, Inc.

Thank you for another wonderful season of Wild Lights.  See you in November 2023!

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A Soundtrack for Winter


Taiga is a tribute to the winter season; the juxtaposition of its vastness and closeness and its mystery yet familiarity. The music itself is a complex landscape of both traditional and non-traditional instruments, each of which touches on fleeting sentiments that we may move too quickly in our daily lives to fully appreciate.

Nostalgic timbres evoke a feeling of simplistic joy and curiosity mixed with the chill undercurrent of an arctic atmosphere. Glacial textures combine to relay images of winter’s harsh beauty. Amongst its polar undertones, there is a warmth and adoration toward a season that never loses its sense of wonder.



  • “Wonder,” “Snow Globe,” “When Your Time Is Not Your Own,” and “Night Squalls” written by Eric Sturr
  • “Adrift” written by Emily Ta
  • “Underbrush Slush” written by Franklin Hansen
  • “Ruminations” written by Tim Segado
  • Violin performed by Sarah Franchino
  • All tracks mixed by Tim Segado
  • Photograph by Richard Sturr

“Taiga” by Whatever Penny  premieres on November 25.