Visiting With Children

The Wild Center was created with families in mind. From the hands-on exhibits that play music, let you hang out in a spiders web, make clouds, blow snow or mimic a walk on a bog.


The Pines is a chance to play away from a manufactured experience. A tipped up tree, piles of sticks, and log drums all fill a clearing in the woods.

owl encounter in The Great Hall

Every day our naturalists bring animals into the Big Wolf Great Hall for animal encounters.  Great for all ages, these close-up sessions feature porcupines, owls, snakes and many other fascinating species.

Winter Wild Walk and Raquette River

See things from a new perspective on Wild Walk. Hang out high above the forest floor in the spider’s web and take in the view from the eagle’s nest.

Volunteers at The Wild Center.

Just off the Hall of the Adirondacks, The Naturalist’s Cabinet has drawers and boxes filled with curiosities that will pique your natural curiosity.  Take a seat and have some fun playing and exploring.