Nature Lab

It’s time to put on your lab coat because The Wild Center’s School Programs Nature Lab is here to turn you into a scientist. Each video below includes accompanying activities meant to get you thinking like a scientist.

Marsh Animals

Head out to the marsh to learn more about animals that call these amazing ecosystems home.



Beavers are amazing ecosystem engineers. Join Morgan for a trip along the Raquette River to discover how beavers use mud, sticks, leaves, grasses and a number of other materials to create dams.


Intro to Marshes

Explore the Raquette River Oxbow with Derek and Kayleigh to discover the plants and animals that thrive in marshes.



It’s slime time. Discover some slimy animals in the Adirondacks, then learn to make your own slime.


Doing Science

Use the scientific method to create a neutrally buoyant object.


Asking Questions

Practice asking questions to start thinking more about everything we see, smell, taste, touch around us.

Time to explore the brand new School Programs Website, where you can find videos and activities to learn more about animals and ecosystems of the Adirondacks and challenges to get you to observe your own backyard.