Immerse your senses in an experience that combines nature, technology and art. Twenty-four speakers placed throughout the trail envelopes guests in music that blends with natural sounds of the forest. Please observe one-way traffic signs.

Nature is full of music when you take a moment to listen. Hear the wind shushing in the trees, listen to the birds singing back and forth, pick up the buzzing of insect wings flapping faster than you could ever imagine. In our musical forest enjoy the symphony of music made by nature and man. As you walk along this trail loop, let your senses lead the way.

Forest Music includes works such as:

“grandfather grandson” by Whatever Penny (comp. Eric Sturr)

“grandfather grandson” revolves around the idea of the eternal renewal of nature, breathing life into one creature and channeling that into the next in an endless cycle, so that in one piece of life, there is always a fragment of another. There is no true beginning in this process; thus, the piece opens by establishing this cyclical character with a theme that represents a common lineage. It is introduced at a steady, stately pace, one attributed with the wisdom and experience of old age–the “grandfather,” in this context–planting the seeds of this lineage. Later, the same theme is layered over this, at faster speeds and with slight variation, juxtaposing the grandfather with the impatient, curious nature of the grandchild. These renditions soon begin taking on their own distinct characteristics, but never truly lose the nature of the theme from which they began.
Thus, the seeds of lineage are planted. They may, in generations to come, expand into a great family tree, branching out into unknown territory, but its roots remain where they are; all of its leaves, its fruits, its saplings bear a trace of the ancestor, which lives on eternally. When the tree falls, it will harbor life as it returns to the soil, feeding plants vastly different from itself and sheltering animals who have no knowledge of what once stood there, but who all play a part in its cycle. Given this eternal renewal, nature promises that lineages live on, regardless of how much time passes from generation to generation. The grandfather and the grandson, who move at different paces and have seen different times, are both a part of the same melody, even beyond what they will ever live to see. There is life in death and death in life, but this should be a reassuring fact, one that nature’s endless cycle reminds us of: how all lives and their melodies intertwine in some vast, triumphant song, where only a fragment would have a beginning or an end.