Wild Center Trails

Immerse your senses in an experience that combines nature, technology and art. Twenty-four speakers placed throughout the trail envelopes guests in music that blends with natural sounds of the forest. Please observe one-way traffic signs.

Nature is full of music when you take a moment to listen. Hear the wind shushing in the trees, listen to the birds singing back and forth, pick up the buzzing of insect wings flapping faster than you could ever imagine. Enjoy the symphony of music made by nature and man. As you walk along this trail loop, let your senses lead the way.

A Soundtrack for Summer


This summer features a newly commissioned five-piece instrumental composition created by musician and educator Eric Sturr, who published music under the moniker Whatever Penny. The album, entitled “Iron Harvest,” draws direct inspiration from the “Shape, Form & Lights” works of Barney Bellinger.  The piece, installed in The Wild Center’s Forest Music immersive sound trail, mixes metallic sounds and instruments with natural sounding harmonies of marimba and violins.


Emma Lazarus, Passage, Ozymandius, and Longing written by Eric Sturr
Mechanism written by Franklin Hansen and Emily Ta
– Violin performed by Sarah Franchino
– All tracks mixed by Tim Segado
– Photograph by Richard Sturr
– Artwork by Sean O’Kane