Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity has faced.  Climate Solutions, now open at The Wild Center, asks: What can we do about it?

Encounter locals who are making extraordinary contributions to shift the narrative on climate. You’ll encounter farmers making old ways new again, storytellers who help us understand science through art, builders who ensure function is as elegant as form and environmental experts who are keeping a close eye on the ecosystems that surround us. You’ll also meet those who are ensuring voices often unheard—those of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)—are included in these conversations. coming soon

Caring For Our One Home 

By protecting clean air and water and promoting wildlife diversity, we leave the planet better than we found it.


Rebuilding Our Food System 

What we eat can make us and the planet healthier. How can we build a food system that is sustainable, equitable, and just from the ground up?


Transforming Our Energy Ecosystem 

Get inside the walls of a structure that presents options you can consider while building or renovating the places we live and work.


Taking Action on Climate Change 

Meet people who are putting their talents into action as they take steps to protect the planet.