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Lyme Disease in the Adirondacks

Lyme disease has spread even into cold northern climates.

These informative science videos give you the latest information on the disease, and how you you can protect family and pets.

The videos were produced by Paul Smith’s College and The Wild Center and feature five scientists and health professionals sharing their professional knowledge and expertise on Lyme.

The presenters included Brian Leydet, PhD, from Trudeau Institute, Jennifer Gallagher, DVM, from High Peaks Animal Hospital, Jonathan Krant, MD, from Adirondack Health, Tim Sellati, PhD, from Trudeau Institute, and David Patrick, PhD from the Adirondack Watershed Institute.


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Tick Talk Introduction

Tick Talk Introduction

Students from Paul Smith's College introduced Tick Talk at The Wild Center, December 6, 2014.

The Bacteria, The Bug & Our Backyard - Brian Leydet MPH, PhD

All About Deer Ticks & Lyme Disease

Dr. Brian Leydet, a Biologist at the Trudeau Institute, talks about the natural history of the deer tick and Lyme disease in the northeast.

Lyme Disease in Animals - Jennifer Gallagher, D.V.M.

Deer Ticks, Lyme Disease and Animals

Dr. Jennifer Gallagher, an Associate Veterinarian at High Peaks Animal Hospital, discusses ticks, Lyme disease and the animals in your life.

Understanding the Distribution & Abundance of Deer Ticks & Lyme Disease - David Patrick, Ph.D.

Understanding Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease in Northern New York

Dr. David Patrick, an Ecologist with the Adirondack Watershed Institute at Paul Smith's College discusses the movement of deer ticks and incidences of Lyme disease in northern New York state.

Curt - Tiny Tick Picnic

Tiny Tick Picnic Song

Dr. Curt Stager of Paul Smith's College takes a humorous look at this nasty, hungry arachnid.

Anti-Tick Fashion Show & Repellent

Tick Fashion Show

Paul Smith's College students show the do's and don'ts of dressing in deer tick-prone country.  After that, a brief presentation on the benefits of Carpe Insectae tick repellent.