Look Closely – Beech Tree In Progress
American beech tree seeds measure between 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length and are shiny, smooth and brown.They are a tasty snack when walking in the woods be you bear, squirrel or human. Beech trees don’t start producing large numbers of seeds until about 40 years into their life. This seed was sprouting in the woods near Long Lake this spring.

“Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment.” – Ellis Peters

Spring is the season of hope and new beginnings. And though we face new realities and changes in the way we live our everyday lives, we must also remember that spring always emerges after winter has done its work.  While this new reality has interrupted daily life, it hasn’t stopped the spring thaw, early flowers and buds or the frantic mating rituals of our backyard birds. The Wild Center is also ready for this new beginning with new ways to serve our community. But in order to do this we need your help.

The pandemic hasn’t dampened the desire of people to connect with nature – quite the opposite – nature can be a refuge from the daily news cycle, while providing solace as well as reassurance that some things haven’t changed – that the lessons of nature are timeless.

The day we closed our physical doors to protect our visitors and staff, we introduced our first Live digital online program. And we haven’t stopped introducing new programs since then. In 8 weeks, we have had tens of thousands of online visitors from all 50 states and 118 countries – ironically, during a time when we are typically closed for our annual maintenance month! Our digital programs are here to stay. And while we are working online – we are planning for our gradual phased re-opening. When it’s time, we will be ready to welcome you back to Tupper Lake.

The reality is – for now – we won’t have our 100,000 on-site visitors this year who purchase tickets, memberhips, have snacks and buy items in our store to help support our daily operations. After other prudent budget cuts, that lost revenue will leave us with over a $1 million gap for 2020.  

So, we are asking you now, if you are in a position to help keep our programs going, and get ready for re-opening, please help us recover that revenue and make a gift today to our Spring Forward Fund.

Thank you and stay safe,

Stephanie Ratcliffe, Executive Director