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Summit Values Reflection

The Wild Center's Youth Climate Program is driven by six core values: student-driven, action-oriented, solutions-focused, place-based, equitable, and hopeful. The following tool helps identify how these values are reflected throughout the summit network. We use the results of this survey to continue improving the Toolkit. If you succeed or struggle, we want to know how and why so the entire network can continue to grow. High ratings (4-5) indicate strong values, while lower ratings (1-2) indicate values that could be strengthened.
My planning team involved youth in many summit planning decisions
My summit prominently featured youth speakers and/or youth-led workshops.
My planning team selected summit topics/activities based on input from youth about their interests
Presenters and workshops shared many examples of solutions to address climate change
Youth had time during the summit to brainstorm or discuss their own climate solutions
Presenters and workshops focused on concrete actions to address climate change
My summit equipped youth with a plan to take action in their school/community
Presenters and workshops used local/regional examples
My planning team connected with local/regional environmental organizations, agencies, or programs to support our summit (e.g. speakers or other resources)
Presenters and workshops communicated that climate change impacts people disproportionately
Presenters reflected the diversity of youth attending the summit
Youth had opportunities to share their personal connections to climate change during the summit
Presenters and workshops communicated that it is not too late to address climate change
My summit balanced information about climate impacts with examples of climate solutions