Before the Summit

1.  Meet with your entire environmental club to:

  • COMPLETE the pre-registration tasks
  • Identify the team who will attend the Summit. Remember: 4-6 PEOPLE make up a team which includes students, teachers, and other chaperones
  • When registration opens on September 30, register online
  • Review agenda on the Youth Climate website

2.  Download, distribute and bring SIGNED Photo Consent Forms

3.  What to bring to the Summit:

  • Note taking materials (notebook or technology)
  • Camera/smartphones? – While we encourage participants to share their summit experience on social media, we ask all participants to please be RESPECTFUL to speakers and workshop leaders and refrain from using cell phones inappropriately during presentations and workshops.

At the Summit

  1. Full attendance on BOTH DAYS of the Summit.
  2. Determine who in your team will attend which workshops (we encourage teams members to split up and attend different workshops).
  3. Work together on Day 2 to develop a Climate Action Plan and timeline for your school.


  1. Keep The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program Coordinator, Kali DeMarco ( updated with your progress, needs, etc. on a minimum monthly basis.
  2. Work hard to successfully implement your Climate Action Plan!