The Adirondack Youth Climate Summit is a 2 day experience to convene and empower young people to take action on climate change. Students learn about locally-relevant climate change science, impacts, and solutions through interactive workshops, plenary sessions, and youth-driven activities. On the second day of the Summit, students design climate action plans to  implement in their schools and communities. This process of giving students ownership of taking climate action empowers both students and adults to remain hopeful and action-oriented in the face of climate change.


As always, this year’s summit featured individuals and organizations doing amazing work to increase climate literacy, justice and resilience across NYS, the U.S. and world. Some of our featured speakers and organizations included:  Dr. Curt Stager – Paul Smith’s College; Dazzle Ekblad – NYSDEC Office of Climate Change; Sarah Pidgen – Solar One; Hakim Evans & Aryaana Khan – Alliance for Climate Education; Rachel Lit – The Climate Museum; and many more.