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Watch Wired for Learning with Alan November

Keynote Address: Creating a Culture of Teaching and Learning
Workshop 1: 1st Five Days: Building a Culture for Year-Long Success  
Workshop 2: Who Owns the Learning? 

Wired for Learning was a professional development opportunity for North Country teachers and school administrators for the 2013 Regional Staff Development Day with Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES held on October 25, 2013. This event featured keynote speaker Alan November - an international leader in education technology. Click on the links above to view Mr. November's presentations.



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Bringing New Tech to the Classroom

Check out these resources exploring new ways of using technology in the classroom and school.

TED Talk by Alan November
Click here to view the 15 minute TED Talk by Alan November, "Students as Contributor"

November Learning Online Resources
Visit November Learning. This website is filled with teacher resources on bringing technology in the classroom.

TED Talk by Sal Khan
Click here to view a TED Talk by Sal Khan. In this 20 minute presentation, Sal Khan talks about his method of the "flipped classroom" and building an online classroom.

Technology and Education in the News
Click here to read "Turning Education Upside Down," a recent  article in The New York Times about flipped classrooms.
Click here to watch a 60 Minutes piece on flipped classrooms featuring Khan academy.