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This is a subscription based site designed for a more in-depth dive into the applications of VTS to science content and supportive resources for educators. In addition to the VTS in Science content located on this page, the VTS subscription site features the following: VTS in Science pathway for setting goals, identifying audience needs and image/object selection and additional downloadable PDF’s providing cross-curricular activities to pair with VTS in science discussions. Please see VTS events for any future nationally offered VTS in Science Workshops. The VTS in Science Workshop is for educators working in science contexts such as museums, parks, classrooms who want to design learner-centered experiences for their students/visitors. This hands-on workshop focuses on developing VTS facilitation skills with art and then shifts to applications for science contexts. The VTS in Science Workshop was developed by science educators, school teachers and VTS trainers during a multi-year project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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“Science teaching really is an inquiry-based method [in which] people are making observations. So [VTS] really ties in to what scientists do. We’re constantly observing the world around us, and drawing our own conclusions from what we see, or we set up that experience to test out what we’re seeing. So,it fits perfectly with science teaching.”

-VTS in Science Participant