Week 7: Birds

Birds are an amazing group of animals that have adapted to use a part of the world that used to be dominated by insects– the sky! Birds are found on every continent of the world and their diversity and adaptations to such varied environments is astonishing.

Take to the skies and learn about this week’s topic!


To help you get started:

Learn about American kestrels with this lesson in falconry with Chelsie and Vega.

Go to minute 3:3o to learn the difference between hawks and falcons. Check out minute 6:28 to learn about molting. At minute 9:15 get some information on the habitat and diet of the American kestrel. At minute 16:55 to hear what the fastest animal in the world is.


Get an inside look at owls with Nick in this barred owl dissection. 

Learn about some cool owl adaptations at minute 1:55, then take a look at how an owl uses its senses at minute 5:42. At minute 10:10 you can learn all about owl digestion and the formation of owl pellets.

Head to Wild Walk to bird watch with Nick.

Start at minute 1:08 to get some neat tips and tricks on how to go birding.