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The Wild Center's Digital Content Fellowship

The Wild Center is a successful non-profit dedicated to improving the relationship between people and nature. From its nationally-recognized campus located in the Adirondacks, to its innovative approach to education, the Center is passionate about providing a deep connection with nature to people of all ages.

We are looking for an equally passionate individual who will help us develop a comprehensive digital strategy and build the Center's online presence. If you’re ready to use your digital skills, showcase your varied talents, and build your resume, then consider our 2-year Digital Content Fellowship. You will have the chance to explore and experience the Adirondacks, the largest wilderness in the eastern United States, and have ample opportunity to hike, ski and enjoy this special place. Towns near the Center include Lake Placid, home to two Winter Olympics; Saranac Lake, a thriving small town with a rich arts culture; and Tupper Lake, where the Center is based.

The Fellowship

The Center is undertaking an ambitious plan to create a digital presence that is as effective and rich as the experience on its 81-acre campus. The two-year Fellowship offers a talented, creative individual the opportunity to play a leading role in shaping and executing that plan. The Fellow will create world-class user experiences around the Center’s mission-based subject areas, including climate change, green building, the Adirondacks, and the species that define the region’s wild character. The position will report directly to the Executive Director, and will work closely with senior staff to develop content and improve awareness of the Center by drawing increased global attention to its web portal. 


Your role at The Wild Center will be to create online audience engagement, and to help the staff and institution understand how it can better use the web to expand its reach. This will include regular contact with those who contribute to marketing, design and website efforts, as well as working with our education team.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will consist of approximately 25% content creation, which could range from documenting events on camera, to planning and developing rich video, text and image-based stories. You will then have the opportunity to drive traffic to that content through social media channels, which you will direct and manage. Most of your time, about 50%, will be spent managing this content and all our social platforms. The remainder of your time, the last 25%, will be spent on various projects that you head, related to the development of our online content and community. This could include developing new platforms, enhancing our digital brand, or growing our digital reach, including driving traffic to our sites through a major Google AdWords grant.


  • Bachelor’s degree, and a minimum of 3 years’ related experience or a related Graduate degree
  • Appreciation for the value of science education and an enduring passion for places like the Adirondacks,  where people and nature can thrive together and set an example for the world.
  • Able to engage online communities and target social media outreach to varied audiences
  • Experience with multi-media content creation and editing
  • Talent and experience with social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp.
  • Excellent English language writing and copy-editing skills
  • Ability to monitor and respond to insights from Google Analytics
  • Talent with Photoshop and audio/ video editing software
  • Understanding how photography can be used to tell a story
  • Experience working with Drupal platforms preferred 


  • Salary from $35,000 to $48,000, plus full-coverage health benefits, holidays, and four weeks of paid leave.
  • Flex-time when needed. The nature of this work is not 9-5, and a successful candidate will be able to manage their time and workload effectively. It is important to work onsite regularly, but not required on a daily basis.
  • Career-building experience in a rapidly developing non-profit, and the chance to be on the forefront of environmental, science and climate change education. 
  • Opportunity to live and work in the beautiful Adirondack region, and to experience its unique lifestyle and recreational activities.

Application Instructions 

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a portfolio of your best work in an email with the exact subject line “Digital Content Fellowship” to Please also include the URL of your Linkedin profile. All attachments must have your first and last name in the title. All materials will be accepted through 5:00 pm ET on March 15, 2016. We will not be able to respond to individual inquiries or phone calls. Qualified candidates will be contacted by the end of March. We look forward to reviewing your application.


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Our Mission

Ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks 

where people and nature can thrive together 

and offer an example for the world.


A Vital Experimentk

Life depends on natural systems.


Around the world those systems are threatened. They are at risk because people have not yet found a way to support thriving human economies and natural systems at the same time. The result is great current and projected human costs. The Adirondacks are bigger than the American state of Massachusetts, and bigger than Lebanon too. They are a place where actions by people have demonstrably helped nature stage a remarkable comeback over the last 120 years. It is this recovery over such a broad scale that causes...

Example for The World

The Adirondacks are rare. They are arguably the only place on Earth where nature has recovered over such a large area over such a long time. They are also a place where people live.

Some will argue that the Adirondacks are imperfect - that people and nature have not found an ideal way to coexist here. The Wild Center believes that key pieces of the puzzle are in place in the Adirondacks, and that there is a special opportunity here to invent how people and nature can thrive together.

With soaring world population, rapidly increasing resource consumption, degrading ecosystems that we depend on for life, and tensions between nations as competition for resources intensifies, finding that way to thrive is important to people all over the world.

The Wild Center is committed to making the Adirondacks work for people and nature, in particular in addressing these needs:

  • We need better education about the natural world so we can make intelligent choices
  • We need to know more about the current condition of the natural world to measure our success
  • We need economic opportunity in natural places that doesn't conflict with biodiversity
  • The future of life on Earth requires that we find a way for people and the rest of the natural world to thrive in proximity. The Adirondacks offer a rare platform in the wealthiest and most inventive nation on Earth to become an example for the world.

The story of the Adirondacks is the most interesting natural history story in the world. It has been shown here that natural systems can restore themselves and recover in remarkable ways in coexistence with man.

— Bill McKibben