My Wild Minute - Moose Gone Wild

Moose Up Close

A Moose Meets a Kayak in New York

This moose showed up near The Wild Center in the Adirondacks. Moose have moved back into New York in the past decades. 

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Highly Skilled Dogs Join an Animal Tracking Team

Amazing Trained Dogsk

A new way to track wild animals, without bothering them.

Watch as a team trains dogs, the same kind that sniff out bombs and drugs, to sniff out moose poop, more formally known as scat. The dogs used their training and geometric triangulation to help conduct a moose count with the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York. These are dogs that are selected because they are often the opposite of great pets, high drive and highly focused animals who take that energy and become working field science assistants.

This project was supported by the Wildlife Conservation Society and The Wild Center.

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