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The Wild Center's Tenth Anniversary Gala Celebration

As the first event of our tenth anniversary year, the Gala party at New York City's Metropolitan Club on 1/25/16 was a wonderful capstone for our five-year, $20 million Campaign for The Wild Center. The Board of Trustee and Advisory Board thank everyone who participated and who supported the event - setting the stage for a vital and vibrant future for The Wild Center.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr. Tyson, on the theory behind Planet Nine, at The Wild Center's Tenth Anniversary Gala Event in New York City on 1/25/16

Wild Center Board at 2016 Gala

The Wild Center Board welcomes the Tyson's and Pataki's to the Gala at the Metropolitan Club

About the Event

Celebration of our Tenth Anniversary

Monday, January 25, 2016

 The Metropolitan Club

One East 60th Street

New York, New York

  An evening to celebrate

a decade of achievement and future plans for The Wild Center

And to honor two outstanding global leaders

 Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD

 Governor George E. Pataki


Wild Center Mission

Ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks where people and nature can thrive together and set an example for the world.


 Tenth Anniversary Committee

Co-Chairs: Nancy K. Simpkins & Joseph G. Beck

Paul J. Alioto, Michael A. Bettmann, Donald K. Clifford, Jr., Beth Clifford Coan, Amy Elrod, Barbara M. Grose, Nancy S. Howard, Thomas C. Jorling, Hela Kindler, Peter A. Kindler, Elizabeth M. Lowe, James and Anne Schoff, Karen K. Thomas


Campaign for The Wild Center Cabinet

Co-Chairs: Lynn S. Birdsong & Karen K. Thomas

Honorary Chair: Donald K. Clifford, Jr.

G. Thomas Aydelotte, Michael A. Bettmann, Connie Ferguson, Peter A. Kindler, James and Anne Schoff, Charles O. Svenson, Joel H. Treisman


 Board of Trustees

Donald K. Clifford, Jr., Chairman

Nancy K. Simpkins, Vice Chairman

Lynn S. Birdsong, President

Christopher D. McFadden, Vice President

Nancy S. Howard, Secretary

John E. Huwiler, Treasurer

Paul J. Alioto,

G. Thomas Aydelotte

Joseph G. Beck

Michael A. Bettmann

George Cigale

John E. Colston

Amy Elrod

Lynn S. Fox

Charles S. Frenette

Robert E. Friedman

Richard F. Godin, Jr.

Sally Hart

Michael A. Hunsinger

Thomas C. Jorling

Peter A. Kindler

Elizabeth M. Lowe

Richard P. Malloch

Paul A. Maroun

Linda Rosenstock

Jack Ryder

James Schoff

Sandra A. Strader

Charles O. Svenson

Karen K. Thomas

Joel H. Treisman


Advisory Board

Lee Bailey

Carter F. Bales

Timothy L. Barnett

Frances Beinecke

Sarah R. Bogdanovitch

Martha Bullock

Tony Campbell

William B. Chappell, Jr.

Andrea S. Collins

John T. Dillon

Muriel J. Ginsberg

David R. Goodman

William O. Grabe

Barbara M. Grose

Gary G. Hartwick

William D. Hutchens

Kevin T. Keane

Claire R. Leonardi

David & Nanci McAlpin

George E. Pataki

Steven B. Potter

Allison Whipple Rockefeller

Carl B. E. Shedd

Daniel F. Sullivan

Peter B. Walker

Ross S. Whaley

George A. Whaling

David J. Youlen

Eugene Zeltmann

Sponsors of the Tenth Anniversary Celebration for The Wild Center

Thanks to everyone who made the evening possible.
Gold Sponsors

Kathy Klingenstein and Robert Miller
Silver Sponsors
Terry and Lynn Birdsong
Obie Clifford
Robert and Christine Fontana
Dick Gilder and Lois Chiles
The Klingenstein Family
Nancy K. Simpkins
Karen and David Thomas
Bronze Sponsors
Joe Beck and Bonnie Robinson
Charlie and Helen Frenette
The Kindler Family
Jim and Anne Schoff
Cocktail Reception: International Paper
Invitations & Printing: Neville, Rodie & Shaw
Tribute Ads
Raymond James Financial, Inc.
The Svenson Family
Lee Bailey and Linda Rosenstock
Gary and Nancy Hartwick
Norman and Nancy Howard
Suzie and Gene Zeltmann
Nancy and Tad Jeffrey
Serge and Caroline Lussi
Suzy and Rich Malloch
Hearst Business Media
Rick Godin Productions
Judy A. Jorge
The Welch and Maggs Families
Amy and Jim Elrod
Chris and Mary McFadden
Sally Hart
Jim and Jeffy Benedict
Patricia and Nathan Dowden
Don and Mimi Kirk
G. Thomas Aydelotte
Donald E. Foley and Barbara A. Long
William L. and Lynn S. Fox
David and Sylvia Goodman
Tom and Sandy Jorling
Honorable Samuel K. Lessey, Jr.
Hugh Montgomery
Ted and Lisa Pierce
Jack and Mary Ellen Ryder
Laurie and Paul Sturz
Chuck and Jackie Warren
David M. McAlpin and N. Heller McAlpin
Charlie B. and Alice Johnson
Grant and Shelley Behrman
Peter Adams
Michael and Ellen Bettmann
Christmas & Associates
George and Jessica Cigale
Connie and Robert Ferguson
The Hon. April H. Foley
Nina Z. Lawrence
Airlie C. Lennon
Lou and Lorry Liebhaber
Margaret A. Mills
David G. Bickford
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hutchens
Tom and Susan Lawson
Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP
Donald and Margaret Mahaney
Richard N. McCarthy and Jean D. Hamilton
Nancy McGaw
Pam Joyce
Karina N. Kindler
Koko and Ed Bickford
Katharine Lowe
Chris Verner and Caroline Verner