Boards & Officers

The Wild Center has an extremely involved and active Board of Trustees supported by an Advisory Board. The membership of both boards adds significantly to the knowledge base of the organization, and to its capacity to innovate and grow.

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Nancy K. Simpkins, President
Christopher D. McFadden, Vice President
Joseph G. Beck, Treasurer
Nancy S. Howard

Board of Trustees

Paul J. Alioto
G. Thomas Aydelotte 
Michael A. Bettmann
Terry Birdsong
George Cigale
Lynn S. Fox
Charles S. Frenette
Richard F. Godin, Jr.
Sally Hart
Michael A. Hunsinger
Thomas C. Jorling
Peter A. Kindler 
Elizabeth M. Lowe
Richard P. Malloch
Paul A. Maroun
Linda M. Rosenstock
Jack Ryder
James A. Schoff
Sandra A. Strader
Charles O. Svenson
Karen K. Thomas
Joel H. Treisman

Advisory Board

Lee E. Bailey
Carter F. Bales
Timothy L. Barnett
Frances G. Beinecke
Lynn S. Birdsong
Sarah R. Bogdanovitch
Martha F. Bullock
Tony R. Campbell
Linda Carroll-Pitts
Robert J. Gillis
David R. Goodman
William O. Grabe
Barbara M. Grose
Gary G. Hartwick
William D. Hutchens
Kevin T. Keane
Claire R. Leonardi 
David M. McAlpin
John M. McHugh
George E. Pataki
Derrick H. Pitts
Steven B. Potter
Brooks Reynolds
Allison Whipple Rockefeller
Carl B. E. Shedd
Daniel F. Sullivan
Peter B. Walker
Ross S. Whaley
George A. Whaling
David J. Youlen

Our Mission

Ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks 

where people and nature can thrive together 

and set an example for the world.